A popular saying goes thus “if parents are online and students are online themselves, why not schools?”

How can schools use digital marketing to reach out to and attract students to their schools?

Technology inventions are fast becoming the order of our normal lives. More phones and laptop are been purchased on a daily basis. There’s this feeling of awkwardness each time our phone is not with us. We feel we are missing out on something. There are a number of digital tools to grow your school business. Well, cool enough several services have been automated and made sampler by these inventions.

A lot of people have leveraged on digital transformation. Pushing their products and services in front of the people who need it and also to manage the logistics. And also the operations behind it. Many more successful business owners are emerging daily from optimization of digital tools. So here’s the question – Can you possibly grow your school? Using the digital tools: Social media, Internet, and Tech inventions to grow your School? Yes, you can! And in this piece, we’ll be considering five simple ways you can use digital tools to grow your school business.

But firstly it’s important to understand why you need to use digital tools to promote your school business. Every school administrator must realize the amazing values generated in your school need to go beyond the walls of your school. People outside must know what you do and how much of an impact you can be to them.

There’s someone who just moved into the same neighborhood where your school is cited. For example, who has a child he/she is willing to fix into a good school around. And that perfectly match your school description. And this person like any other random person stays indoor most of the time. So he/she hasn’t really noticed your signboard and also spends quality time on their devices browsing and checking up stuff.

So how do you get them to know you are around and available and how do you manage the operations in the school implementing digital tools? These will lead us to the first point


One of the very first digital tools to grow your school is to get an Online Space

digital tools to grow your school business
These days several transactions and services go down online. And according to expert predictions, much more business will be entirely online in a few years’ time. Your School should be too. A website for your school is the surest way of pushing your school to the global phase. The beauty in it is that anybody anywhere in the world can get to see you. Likewise, read about you and see every necessary detail they need about your school on the website. You should start by getting one from trusted dealers like EDVES. And several other who offers great and brilliant services at affordable cost. This is your number one spot in getting your School business across the people who are in need of it.


Open Social Media pages are part of the digital tools to grow your school

Over a Billion people currently use Facebook, hundreds of millions others uses Instagram and other social outlets. If that amount of people are Online it means your potential customers are there logically. So open a page for your school on Facebook: Take beautiful pictures of the school buildings and write engaging contents. Post reviews and excerpts of your school events. Show off the awards the school is getting on it. This is a strategic way of making sure that the world is aware of what you are doing.


Be engaging and Consistent with your Content Online

No one will take you seriously if all you do is update your social page once in a while. So make sure that you practice consistency in all you do online. You can even use tools to set up contents calendars and set posts at a scheduled time automatically. You can also use Google ads and sponsor posts to make sure that enough people come to your page. But most importantly, your content must also be consistent and engaging. It must always have a goal it is accomplishing. And always check to see if each of your content is actualizing its pre-targeted goals.


Sign up for Google My Business

Have you ever wondered what algorithm Google use each time you search for a specific outlet or service around you? And Google gives you a list of those exact services you are looking for? It is because those service providers or business owners have registered their business with Google my business. It’s easy to set up the platform that ensures that your business has like a mini-web space with Google. Such that it can be easily accessible to the search engine, each time especially the people around you need what you are doing. Also, it will give them your exact details and even show the direction to the school location. Click here to get started


Use School Management Software

School management is an important part of any educational system. It’s a technology innovation to help school run and perform better. School authorities all over the world are continuously engaged in numerous schools activities. To efficiently manage the school and provide a better educational experience to students. However, managing a school affair is not at all easy in this fast growing world.

To better perform the functions of school management schools are using school management software nowadays. School management software is an automation system that runs all of the school processes easily and more conveniently. A company like ACAD provides one of the best School management experience any school administrator would want.

The school management software also comes with a Mobile app feature that helps parents keep tabs with their kids’ activities and performance, pay their kids school fees conveniently with it and also to check their kids’ school reports all through ease on the App provided by the School management system.


These are some of the ways you can grow your school business using Digital and Technology Tools. So, what are your thoughts on these? Please feel free to also share them with us in the comment section.

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