School Mobile App: School Efficiency

Everything around us is changing. Eight years ago if you probably want to send a few thousand naira to maybe a relative or a friend who lives next town you would have of course searched for yourself a bank and carry out the transaction through the long exhausting means especially if it’s a bank that has a lot of people in the banking hall. But fast forward today via your mobile phone and at your own convenience you can transfer as much as you want through the various transfer means on your mobile. Likewise, there are a lot of activities that have been made simpler through the advent of mobiles and built-in apps on mobile.
So how can you achieve more with ACAD Mobile app? ACAD provides a scalable school management system that helps to automate all activities in the school and beyond. Education is one of the most important aspects of life as it pertains to the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the other. So basically education is everyone’s business and with ACAD school management solution – Education just got better!
The Mobile App:
This app is a school custom built app available for both Parents/guardian and also for the students. Through the mobile app parents/guardian can now do a lot of activities that would have required them to be physically present at the school facility before all through the convenience and the ease of the app.
The app also provides easy means for parents/guardians to keep tabs with their kids through the communication gateway provided on the app.
Through the mobile app parents/guardians can make payment of their kid’s expenses and also Parents can receive and check directly the result of their kids all through the app.
Also, parents/guardians can apply for admission and receive messages either about the kids or of the school latest development all on the app.
How to Start?
Join this tech-savvy innovation and save yourself a whole lot of stress. Adopt ACAD school management software to have premium access to the mobile app feature.
Porting to ACAD is simple and affordable. For the best optimum result and for an increase in productivity within a short period of time. Use ACAD software management system.

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