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Answer: No, Acad is a cloud based software so it can be accessed from anywhere at any time and with any device that has internet accessibility.

Answer: Yes, excel can be used to compute students result in bulk, register multiple students and for some other data input.

Answer: Parents would only gain access to their child/children’s result.

Answer: Yes, the portal has educational videos, online assignments and grading.

Answer: Acad Basic is so flexible that certain reports and certain features can be customized to meet the needs and peculiarities of the school.

Answer: Yes, the portal generate several analytical reports.

Answer: Yes, parents can pay on the portal via bank transfer, with their debit card and also in the bank using a unique code generated from the portal.

Answer: Yes, parents can make payment to the bank, get a payment receipt and the transaction will automatically reflect on the portal.

Answer: Yes, payment reminder can be sent to defaulters, this will quote the students name, the amount the parent owes the school and a link to pay online.

Answer: Your data is not stored on your system but on the cloud. So, if your system crashes it does not affect the data stored on Acad.

Answer: the platform is secured and encrypted through:

    • SSL (Secured Socket Layer).
    • Our own architecture.
    • Hosted with Amazon one of the biggest and most trusted hosting company.

Answer: Yes, the mobile app can be customized for a school.