For decades, one of the known means of communicating is the written mode of communication – done on a paper. This has helped in sending and relaying messages among both the formal circles like a king addressing another king or among the informal ones like message transfers between families who live distantly to each other. Even with its limitation, it was of great use until evolution occurred. The systemic revolution of science and technology arguably changed the course of living. Almost everything was and is still been altered. Many creative ideas were developed to change the face of things and to improve the lives of people.

Messaging and information transfer wasn’t left out of this evolution. Technology birthed electronic mode of communication that has not only made things easier but has given ease of access into communication when you want to and wherever you are.

In the school and education circle likewise, communication plays a big role in its functionality. Parent relies on information given to them by the school to track records and the performance of their kids over a stipulated period of time. The school administrator also needs to send messages to parents or guardian about developments in the school and other things about their wards that the parents are supposed to know even to the finances and expenses updates.

So now every school administrator has an option either to go for messaging through the traditional means or to opt into the new tech-savvy means. But before you make a choice lets go through the contrasting difference between both options.


  1. Time-consuming: Writing on a paper and sending it down is without doubt time – consuming, it a whole lot of work and time involved in its process, From writing to waiting till the receiver gets it at his/her own end. What happens in the case of an emergency? Actually, the fastest it can get is still slow and time-consuming and as an administrator who deals with Time any late information received might be very costly.
  2. Delayed Decision Making: Since the response comes rather slow it, therefore, becomes more difficult to make a decision. You have to wait to hear from the other party sometimes before making a deliberation. It becomes hard and difficult to do if it’s through the conventional paper and pen mode.
  3. Cost of record keeping: As you share paper documents between parties more and more vital information’s remains on the paper which means they need to be stored. Now that’s a problem, storing them can be a very overwhelming task. The cost of maintenance can be relatively high.
  4. Non-Eco-Friendly: Because of the need to get more paper medium for this communication mode many more tresses are being chopped leading to deforestation which causes disrupts in the order of the earth’s ecosystem. A lot of unfriendly happenings can be resulted from such practices such as Global warming and Natural disaster.

But then we have an option – The Electronic Means. Could this be any better than the former? Let’s see the advantages of Electronic Communication mode over the paper and pen means

  1. Mobility and ease of access: Through the electronic information transfer available on Computers, phones and other related gadgets it becomes extremely easy to transfer message just at any time you decide and wishes to. It does not matter where you are or where your receiver is just with a send button on your gadgets you can send the message as swift as possible.
  2. Speed: In transferring messages via this mode. You don’t need to wait for a long while before you get back a response. The message gets to the other party as soon as the Sent button is clicked. Now that can ease up your decision-making process and you actually can achieve more with just that singular factor!
  3. Security: Messages sent through this mode carries encryption and secured access making it difficult for a third party to access given your information the privacy that you want. When you send a message to a particular person, for instance, you can be sure no one else sees the message through this means.
  4. It Uses a Cloud base Storage system: Now you don’t need to get a pile of shelves to store up information using the electronic means. Its technology is designed in a way that store up the information and the message shared in the cloud so it can be retrieved at your own convenient time.

Now you probably have seen clearly the options. As an administrator time and information’s are your work tools and on the electronic medium you have premium access to these factors swiftly enabling you to get work done faster. You should switch today!



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