The most sophisticated time to be alive in the history of humans is in the 21st century. Never has there been any of such improvement in life as it does now. We have ridden upon the wings of things that were branded impossible few years back. We have charted the course of what could only be a night-mare centuries ago. We have built amazing system and structures to catch up with whatsoever we intend and wants. Technologies and inventions have been created to get things done and to get them as fast as they could be. We have created all fast everything – Fast-food, Fast-ride, Fast-business, Fast-internet, Fast-education, Fast-banking and so on. Just recently it was announced that a particular music app company came up with a technology that can enable music lovers to listen to the best of songs they can possibly like by Synchronizing the Music app with the listeners DNA. Isn’t that terrific?

Surely it feels so great being alive at a moment such as this. But as great as these seem it also comes with its own challenges.

I remember growing up as a kid, one lesson I learnt that somehow got stuck to me is  “Anything that has advantages must also have its own disadvantages” I don’t know who propounded that theory maybe it was my teacher then or maybe not but the validity of that statement judging on a wider scope now I can say is 80% accurate. In those days, for example, we will learn things like Friction in Science and my teacher will ask us to give advantages of frictions and we will begin to list the amazing things Friction enables us to do. Then we will get caught up in the euphoria of the advantages that it will seem almost impossible for the same “Friction” to be with any disadvantage of some sort then my teacher will remind us that “Anything that has advantage must also have a ______” by that time we will join in chorusing the end of the saying.

I did that to make us aware that although it is amazing being alive in a century such as we are it can also be challenging being alive too, especially if you are on the older side of the age bracket – Being a parent! Just as life feels good living in this century it can also be challenging likewise (Don’t give up on life too soon). With the innovations and ideals currently in-place, the Streams of Social media tools available, the tons of entertainment contents created, the massive Video games produced and a host of other things that has been created has alongside with their advantages brought disadvantages too.

There’s a whole lot of difference between a parent of a 6-year old for example in the 80’s and a parent of the 6-year-old now. Now the parent has to deal with the exposure of the child to technology and the likes. A practical example of a problem a parent can have in the 80’s is probably trying to get the Kid to come home after a long hour of play outside but today it’s the opposite the challenge is to get the child leave his room in the first place.

Just as every problem faced needs to be tackled and solved the same also the problem posed by the change in time and season as regards to parenting in this age must be solved too. Parent must in a season like this change from the conventional way of handling kids to going for the Smart way of bringing them up.

Because we cannot in the bid to control them in this age shut them completely away from this inventions and Technology, it will only ensure that we are bringing up kids who are totally blind from the realities around them and it will in cause affect their imaginations and reasoning. Imagine if Bill gate was restricted computer access in those days he was growing up Or Mark Zuckerberg’s parent banned him from using the internet except on Fridays (You sure know he will probably be selling pizza now lol)

It is most important now for parents at a time like this to upgrade their knowledge about inventions and technologies around today so they can teach their kids the right way to go about using them and also to ensure that the kids are being thought  the safest way they can be used.

It is also important for the parent to realize the uniqueness of this present age and make sure they groom up their kids to make the most out of this revolution.

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