Imagine yourself as a school owner at your school sitting on the Managers seat going through the school files. Then here comes a knock at the door, oh its Mike and Mike was an excellent student during his time in the school, he won the best graduating student when he was leaving the school and that was 10 years ago. So you welcome Mike and ask him to take a sit, Mike now is obviously a big man and he has risen to the top of his career. “So Mike what brought you down to the school it’s been ages since we last saw you here?” You asked and swiftly he replied with a grin on his face “Yes I recently got back into town and I decided to stop back to say Hello to you and to also request for a copy of my transcript”. You were still smiling at the first phase of his sentence but as he landed his words you started feeling uneasy because you know what looking for a transcript of a student who left the school ten years ago means looking at the way you have been keeping your records. You know that your chances of finding his transcript are low because what you have been doing is to stack those document and files up in a large dusty room filled with papers. You remember the rodent’s attacks you have been having lately, you remember the futile search you had a few weeks back looking for just your last three years school expenses. You replied nervously to Mike “Yes mike would you gladly stop back again tomorrow morning I would make sure it’s already available for you” and yes he agreed. And that means you just set the ground for a tedious work on your path to look for a transcript of a student who left the school ten years ago.

Hello! We are no more in the Stone Age! This is the 21st century. We are currently in the 4th industrial revolution. Things have changed and a whole lot of things has been made far easier than they were some years back. If you don’t need to get to the airport before you book a plane ticket don’t you think you need to adopt some new age ideas in keeping your files? If you don’t need to get on a queue in a banking hall before you make transactions now shouldn’t you let the current revolution affect your school setup?

With the latest school management system currently available, you can automate your files into a system that lets you access them conveniently. Think of how much labor and effort it save if you can get a record no matter the number of years it has been kept at the click of a button.
You don’t need to keep large files in a large room and consume more paper what you need is to integrate technology into the school system and work smart and not necessarily hard. Moreover, this technology is cloud-based meaning you can access your files and every time need them even when you’re not in the school premises doesn’t that sounds smarter?

Instead of worrying about fire attack and other related unforeseen cases that can probably lead to massive data loss then you need to integrate into a savvier way. Store your school data using Cloud-Based school management system. It’s easier, it’s quickly accessible and it’s always reliable.

At ACAD this is what we are committed to doing! You should give us a try!

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