Currently, all over the world about 500,000,000 Tons of paper are produced yearly. That means every day more and more trees are being fell so as to meet up with this outrageous demand of paper.

Paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste and beyond the waste problem caused by this massive amount of paper produced yearly we need to realize that for every singular tree fell our ecosystem is being thrown in an imbalance.

Trees are actually one of the major players that keep our earth in check and in a running state, it helps the chain revolution of the Ecosystem – Trees are one of the undisputed need of any society or environment though apparently many of us have actually not come into this realizations.

Trees are important to keep the life-cycles of both Humans and Animals. Humans breathe in Oxygen and breathe out Carbon dioxide while plants breathe in Carbon dioxide and breathe out Oxygen. Since Humans breaths in Oxygen which is provided by trees – Availability of more trees will simply equate to an increase in the amount of oxygen available and fewer trees on the other side will produce an aggregate decrease in the amount of oxygen available. And with the heavy statistics on the number of trees being chopped down daily, I suggest everyone need to get a shirt with an inscription that reads “Help-we are running out of Oxygen!”

And as we all know the earth structure always get altered every time a tree is fell. More and more Animals and micro-organisms are displaced. The earth structured itself is altered making it susceptible to disasters and the likes.

As we cut down this tress for the purpose of making ourselves more paper we leave our earth to increasing temperature and since there are also little or no trees to absorb the greenhouse gases, the destruction of trees may, therefore, encourage global warming. Which in simple terms means our planet is getting destroyed!

Of all this paper produced about 35% of these paper are used in School and in the classroom all around the world. Paper is the lifeblood of schools. Rivers of paper pass through the copy machines and flow through hallways to the classrooms. Students and teachers swim in a sea of paper: paper bound in books, loose-leaf paper, college ruled paper, graph paper and consumable paper glued in workbooks. Information is retrieved from paper, stored on paper and shared on paper.

How then can we save our planet? Can we possibly reduce our paper usage and its consumption? These are the right questions to ask to preserve ourselves and our world from the impending doom. In a technological advance world can we use technology to substitute many of the paper usages especially in the classroom and in schools?

And yes we can! We can allow technology means instead of paper practice. We can choose cloud-based documents instead of our conventional stacks of papers. We can choose an electronic mode of writing messages and notes instead of paper and pen. We can adopt technological inventions in reducing the amount of paper we consume and in untimely saving the world we live in.

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