The Teaching role is an Important Matrix in the development of a continuous circle of an enlightened group of people. It is also one of the most prestigious occupations anyone can do. The reason is simply that this is one of the few jobs that is actively involved in grooming the upcoming generation.
However, there are different Kinds of Teachers, from the ones that are the student’s Nightmare to the Ones that are Tagged “Incredible”.
The Incredible Teachers are the ones who inspire their Students, they are those who give the student enough courage to be all they were made to be. They are the ones that their Names shows up in biographies of successful individuals based on the unforgettable impact they had in the life of such people.
Amazingly, by changing a few attitudes and learning the lifestyle any teacher can also be an “Incredible” Teacher
Here below are few of the Attitudes an “Incredible” Teacher must possess:
•    They are always full of Positivity:  They are the Once that see a little dim of light even in the most hopeless situation of all. They are the Ones who have turned their classrooms into a making lab, it doesn’t matter the performance of their Students they see them for who they can be not for who they currently are. They are those who make the Student believes in themselves again.
•    They are Supportive: They give their student all the support he/she needs but emotionally and intellectually. The wouldn’t mind taking extra time in teaching and to make sure their student understand what they are teaching. They are the Set of Teachers that go all the way for their students.
•    They have Good Classroom Management skill: They ensure good work habit in the classroom and they pay attention to every detail about each of their students to be able to relate better with them individually.
•    They have Passion for Education and for Teaching: They are the ones who didn’t just found themselves teaching because of life’s circumstances, they are those who have a real-time passion for Students and for Teaching. They are excited about influencing life, they love to impart knowledge and are always excited about what they do.
•    They communicate well with their Students: These are teachers who have developed a good communication mode with their Students. They have a good rapport with them and their students are never frighten or scared to share their opinions with their teachers.
There many more attributes of these Incredible Teachers. But Most Important of all they are the Ones that Change the World.

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