Ken Robinson made a powerful point at a Ted Talks event some years back that most of the students doing work in classrooms today will be entering a job force that none of us (Teachers) can visualize. This was to explain the fact that the market structure is changing and the class environment must adapt to this changing process. The conventional jobs are declining and they are giving way already for creative ones. The Top paying jobs of today were not available 15 years ago, the next Top paying Jobs in 15 years’ time are yet to be created too.

This is why the teaching and learning process must be skewed to be able to enhance Creativity and Critical thinking as it’s core admits students. A learning process that shut it’s learners from being creative has also shut them from the ability to create the future.

And for many years the learning model has been rigid in its structure, it’s mode of operations are more mechanical. There’s little or no space giving for exploring new ideas to ensure that the best is being driven out of the students. The work order is changing, a new revolution is being birthed, and therefore the classroom which is the breeding place for the supposed leaders of tomorrow must be skewed to the proper development mould of the students to ensure their relevancy in the emerging community.

5 ways to Encouraging Creative learning in Schools;

1.    Set Enough Time Aside for Creativity: Even big companies now practice the 20% rule meaning they are devoting 20% of their total labour into creative thinking and exploration of new ideas, this should also be encouraged in the Learning Environments. A Learning environment must be strategically positioned into a place that encourages the students to re-create. A teacher must be ready to welcome and receive ideas as they flow from the students, this apart from the fact that it makes the students feel significant also prepare them to absolutely Rule their world.

2.    Encourage Discussions and Engagement: The classroom is not a graveyard, the student should be given the access to speak up their mind, and they should be able to express themselves freely without feeling constraint and threatened. Although the teacher has to create a measure to ensure order while doing this yet students should not be quieted. We have for so long breed up students who don’t ask questions, they don’t challenge anything even if they are not satisfied they just keep quiet, even if they have better option they simply just wouldn’t talk and this has led to us having a large group of people who do not understand how things works and like John Mason said “If you can ask the right question you will get the right Answer”.

3.    Use Unconventional Classroom Settings: The classroom environment can be restructured. There’s no harm in changing the traditional setting of the classroom. Sometimes a teacher can break that mould and sit or position student in a way that will make them feel more comfortable and at ease. Their retentiveness response at the level will be very high because of the psychology effect in their brain. A teacher can make them sit on the couch even as they learn to encourage them to think. The teacher can also take them out of the classrooms to a spot like a Garden or any other related place sometimes to facilitate the lesson, as the Students see with their eyes what the teacher teaches it enhances their retentive ability.

4.    Increase the Use of Audio Visuals: It has been confirmed that everyone remembers more what he or she sees more than what he or she hear alone. To drive home this creative thinking model the use of Videos should be encouraged. There are many Visual contents that can be used to teach the student. Ted Talks, for example, is a good Video Content that can be encouraged to be seen in the classroom.

5.    Increase Team Works and Encourage Leadership: Students at every level must be encouraged to be part of a teamwork and be given opportunities sometimes to take the Lead. Leadership is a critical pivot for all world changers and influencers. Students must be taught how to fair in a community and also be given chances to make the decision that will affect their team. This is a solid way of building the student’s inherent ability and also to give them an opportunity to believe in their convictions and to shape it correctly towards creating a better community.

The Out of the Box learning model is not just limited to this five mentioned above, It includes Several others Including Encouraging Talent exhibitions, Providing an optimum place for students to birth their Dreams, Using Technology and several other measures which can be adopted to achieve this Overall goal.

Obviously, Implementing Out of the Box learning model in itself requires some creativity too. Creativity has a very important role in education. It takes students to the edge, getting them out of their comfort zones. Consequently, students have the opportunity to move beyond status-quo and be all they possibly can be.

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