For many years I was in the educational line and I was specifically teaching, for me teaching was more like an inherited trait, my parent are educators. So for me, tending towards that line was almost like a normal phenomenon. But actually, apart from the fact that teaching was a “birth thing” for me, I would say I could teach very well.

I was taking sciences for the Junior high school. I could teach so well – all my student loves and look forward to having me in their classes because my lectures are always a mix of simplicity, Humor, Life coaching and an all rounded lecturing(I have this unique ability to connect with both the most brilliant student in the class and the dullest at the same time).

Sometime I will go to their class and all we will do is to sing (Of course the song has to do with what I’m teaching-I compose songs out of what I teach). Sometimes I will go to their class to share life inspiring stories with them. One way or the other I had my way of connecting with my students perfectly and I always ensure they were always getting anything I was trying to drive home to them per time.

But I wish all I do in the school is to come and teach in classes, get my students to learn and then we all go home. I so wish that was all. But Nada! I come to realize that teaching is an experience that is much more than going to class and feeling on top of the world. Although I can argue that it takes about 50% of the activities but the presence of the other 50% is undeniable.

The other 50% involves the other activities that bring the learning experience into a complete outlook. It involves activities like grading assignments (and I always give quite a lot of assignment back then because you know it was always a good way to ensure that students get back to studying after the lessons), grading Test and exam scores, Computing figures to set positions, Writing of lesson note, Marking class attendance as the class teacher and the others.

You see what I realize is that I could spend more time doing and sorting the other 50% that it drains me of my energy and vibe to flow well at my best 50% teaching in the class. I teach a class of three arms with about 20 students in each of those classes at least so I had a lot of the other stuff to deal with. When they submit their assignment for grading it’s always a mountain to behold and almost at the same time I needed to write a lesson note, write my chalkboard summary and do all of that.

I saw that it was hitting me up. Unfortunately, I had to admit that it was making me less effective. I wish I had a savior. I wish there was a way that aspect could be complimented and all I have to do in the class and in the school is to do what I’m good at alone. According to the 80-20 rule I was spending my energy of the 80% that will only result to the 20% productivity whereas there’s this other 20% that will bring me to the needed 80% profit that I need that I wasn’t being effective at any longer.

Who will save me?? As I check around I saw that the problem was not just my problem alone it was a problem for almost all of the co-teacher I spoke and met with. Everyone seems to be dealing with that same issue. How do we get out? Who or what will recuse the millions of teachers and educators across the globe by helping to compliment the other processes in the school while they focus on doing what they can do well?

Till I left the teaching job and went into something else I knew it was a problem that needs to be solved fast and soon to avoid the degrading of educational values in classrooms and in schools at large.

Then swiftly we entered into the 4th Industrial revolution and people began to use computers and technologies to solve real-time issues. I knew this was one big issue someone had to come and fix. Then somehow I got to know that Automation of school process can be done through technology. That a solution could manage all of the other 50% activities outside teaching and even render support in the 50% done in the classroom. When I saw it I knew the answers to our prayers had come. I knew that Education is about to go to its next level.

This is the future and anyone committed to delivering an optimum impact for now and for the coming generation must embrace Automation in their learning activities and to entirely reduce paperwork in the confines of the school.

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